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Charterers' liability

Charterers' liability


Skuld is one of the largest providers of charterers' liability cover for time and voyage charterers as well as traders. Skuld has a philosophy of being close to our clients. Our highly experienced in-house claims staff is well prepared to assist charterers and traders in all matters and will offer help whenever needed.

Why charterers' liability cover with Skuld?
Skuld has a flexible and modern approach to charterers' liability and offers extensive tailor-made ancillary and additional covers in addition to basic charterers' liability P&I insurance. Skuld builds on a solid tradition and long experience with a reputation for prompt, expert and personalised service.

Skuld benefits

Online charterers' declarations
Skuld's online charterers' declaration system saves charterers and their brokers time and provides an easily accessible overview of a fleet's coverage.

Our charterer clients or their brokers may report new entries for charterers' liability cover directly from their own desks. This significantly reduces the workload and provides a full overview of coverage.

Tailor-made ancillary and additional covers
Charterers' entries may be adapted through a vast variety of ancillary and additional covers, all with the possibility of tailoring to meet the specific need of each client. Examples are specific extra cover for cargo, property or extended contractual liability.

A new framework of charterers' rules
Skuld has developed a new framework of Charterers' Terms and Conditions (Charterer' T&C). This will mean a significant simplification of the former more extensive owner-orientated rules.

Security and service for members
The financial performance of Skuld's charterers' book is good, with continuous positive technical results enabling us to cater to clients' specific needs.

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