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Optional and additional covers

Skuld offers several optional (also known as "ancillary") and additional covers for liabilities and physical damage cover falling outside the scope of standard liability covers for P&I, Charterers Liability and Offshore/MOUs. The range of covers is under continuous development to meet or members' and clients' requirements.

Optional covers, which are an extension of the P&I or liability cover, are usually offered on a case-by-case basis. These covers may be combined to be tailored for the members' or clients' individual risks and may be tailor made to a comprehensive cover for the fleet on an annual basis.

Additional covers are an extension outside the scope of Skuld's liability covers which are offered to our members and clients for special physical risks, such as bunker or equipment, or for loss of time or freight.

Every cover below is described individually, but please contact your underwriter at Skuld for guidance and offer.

Optional covers

Additional covers

Other covers