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PEME programme

Skuld PEME programme

Skuld Pre Employment Medical Examination Programme (PEME)

Insurance is no substitute for risk analysis and this applies to health as it does to any other aspect of P&I. In order to enhance the quality of the Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME), Skuld started a PEME programme in 2008. The programme helps members select healthy crew.

The Skuld PEME is an enhanced medical examination programme run in cooperation with Medical Rescue International. The examination goes beyond a standard PEME carried out in ordinary clinics. The programme has proven a useful tool and members may now sign up for the PEME programme at clinics in India, the Philippines and Ukraine.

The member covers the initial outlay throughout the policy year and conditional upon renewal of the fleet will be able to send in a claim for a 50% refund at the end of the policy year.


For members who would like to join the programme, please contact your Skuld representative.