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PEME programme

Skuld PEME programme

Skuld Pre Employment Medical Examination Programme (PEME)

  • India:  Chennai, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
  • The Philippines:  Cebu, Iloilo, Manila
  • Ukraine:  Odessa

Insurance is no substitute for risk analysis and this applies to health as it does to any other aspect of P&I. In order to enhance the quality of the Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME), Skuld has introduced PEME programmes in India, The Philippines and Ukraine to help members select healthy crew.

The Skuld PEME is an enhanced medical examination programme run in cooperation with Medical Rescue International. The examination goes beyond a standard PEME carried out in ordinary clinics. The programme has proven a useful tool and members may now sign up for the PEME programme at clinics in India, The Philippines and Ukraine.

Skuld covers 50% of the cost

The member covers the initial outlay throughout the policy year and conditional upon renewal of the fleet will be able to send in a claim for a 50% refund at the end of the policy year.

What do we provide for our members?

Members are provided with an approved clinic, capable of performing high quality examinations. Skuld audits the clinics and ensures that examinations are not falsified and that there is little or no opportunity to influence the results. The seafarer undergoes a thorough examination to reveal any health risk and, if necessary, is given advice on how to take care of his/her health. The cost is approximately USD115 (India and The Philippines) or USD 100 (Ukraine) per person.

Who is eligible?

All members' employing seafarers from India, the Philippines or Ukraine are welcome to participate in the programme. If and when clinics in other countries are added, participation will be extended accordingly.

Members' requirements and policy

Members who decide to join the programme have to establish a medical policy in accordance with Skuld's PEME policy requirements and have all crew members examined in one of the approved clinics.

NB: If a member decides to take on a seafarer who does not fulfil Skuld's enhanced requirements, but is declared fit under either Indian DGI Shipping standard recommendation, or the POEA or Philippine DOH requirements, or Ukrainian Health standard recommendation, the deductible will be doubled, with a minimum of USD 25,000 in case of medical repatriation.

Validity of PEME

The validity period of Skuld's PEME is 12 months.

What does the PEME include?

The examination and test criteria are selected based on the risks we see in our claims statistics. Risks differ from one nationality to another due to local diet, local customs or way of life in general. The tests will be tailored accordingly.

Skuld has found that the following list covers the main risks:

  • Identity of seafarer
  • A medical declaration
  • Physical examination
  • Genital examination (India and The Philippines)
  • Dental examination
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Visual testing and colour blindness
  • Audiometry
  • Chest x-ray and lung function
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Faecal examination
  • Complete blood test (CBC/FBC)
  • Hepatitis test (Ukraine ABC)
  • Liver function test
  • Yellow fever vaccination
  • Virology TPHA RPR - Syphilis test
  • Biochemical examination of the blood
  • Cardiac risk factor calculation
  • HbA1c for determination of diabetes mellitus
  • HIV I and II testing
  • Drug testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Ultrasound examination of the kidneys and bladder
  • Body morphology (BMI)
  • Pregnancy test (when appropriate)
  • Ultrasonic examination of the gall bladder and hepato-billary system and the kidneys, ureters and bladder

Skuld adopts a more comprehensive approach together with our pre-set criteria to ensure that only seafarers who are truly fit are found acceptable to the standard prescribed by Skuld. One example is the cardiac risk factor calculation that uses various information and test results to calculate the risk of any cardiac disease. This method of using test results gives us a better understanding and certainty of the seafarer's health.

Fit for duty - India / The Philippines / Ukraine

The DGI Shipping's recommendations (India) / The Department of Health in The Philippines and the POEA contract (The Philippines) / The Ukrainian Health recommendations (Ukraine), respectively, decide if a seafarer is fit for duty. The enhanced standard set by Skuld serves solely as a determination of meeting the criteria in accordance with Skuld's policy. Skuld will work in conjunction with the local government which sets the basic pass and fail status determination.


For members who would like to join the programme, please contact your Skuld representative.