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P&I Fixed

About the cover

Skuld now provides a fixed premium P&I cover of up to USD 1 billion with a mutual service, an offer unmatched in the industry.


  • Owners’ P&I  cover up to USD 1 billion
  • Standard & Poor’s ‘A’ rated insurer
  • Unrivalled service by the mutual Skuld network
  • Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FDD) risks
  • All requisite documentation provided
  • Skuld is a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs

A Commercial Product with a Mutual Service

Skuld’s Fixed P&I cover for shipowners is a fixed premium insurance. The clients entered for Fixed P&I are therefore not exposed to the mutuality in respect of additional premiums. In providing this security the Club recognises that for some owners, especially those operating or owning specialised and smaller ships, the certainty of a fixed premium with the service of a mutual is their preferred P&I product.

Tailoring Your Cover

Fixed P&I insurance covers maritime liabilities incurred by the client in direct connection with the operation of the entered vessel. The cover protects the client against loss and liability to third parties. Owners insuring with Skuld have the ability to buy fixed premium cover for limits of liability up to USD 1 billion and at the same time still have the full services of the Club available to them.

Our user friendly Terms & Conditions cover all the standard liabilities you would expect, with the option for additional covers including War Risks, Contractual Liabilities and Specialist Operations. With limits up to USD 1 billion we are able to tailor our product to your specific needs.

Along with our first class P&I capabilities, under the Skuld brand we also have our Skuld Offshore team and Skuld 1897 which offers Hull, Loss of Hire, War, Cargo, Subsea and Energy products.

Our Claims Service

As an assured in Skuld Fixed P&I, you have access to Skuld’s team of specialists within maritime law, claims handling and risk management. In total, Skuld has over 80 lawyers and with offices in nine countries, we cover virtually every time zone. Our staff represents over 20 nationalities. In addition, an extensive network of carefully selected correspondents is available to assist globally.

Brokers have the option of contacting the team in London or their preferred Skuld office. Fixed P&I clients will enjoy the same high level of service from our skilled claims teams regardless of their entry point in the Skuld network.

Skuld - Tradition and Expertise

Assuranceforeningen Skuld (Gjensidig) was established in Oslo in 1897 as the first P&I club outside the UK. The club is now established in nine countries with local correspondents worldwide. The local offices have market responsibility for their respective areas and provide service to local clients, as well as all Skuld’s clients trading in those areas. This provides close service to our clients, with the advantage of local expertise.

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Fergus Draper

Head of Yacht P&I
Direct: +44 20 7398 1473 Mobile: +44 7921 396 893 E-mail:

Perri Tamburello

Executive, Yachts
Direct: +44 20 7398 1480 Mobile: +44 7712 307 013 E-mail:

Flavia Mellilo

Vice President, Global Head of Claims Processes
Direct: +47 22 00 22 82 Mobile: +47 952 92 282 E-mail:

Andrew Pearson

Vice President, Head of Claims, Skuld London P&I
Direct: +44 20 7398 1457 Mobile: +44 7525 887 200 E-mail: