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P&I Offshore

We offer a comprehensive range of insurance covers for owners, charterers and operators of vessels operating in the offshore arena.

We adopt a commercial approach, and have a significant amount of in house expertise ready to assist with any enquiry that you may have.

P&I Cover

Protection and Indemnity Cover (Mutual P&I) – for the majority of vessels working in the offshore arena; this will be the main cover that you are afforded by the Association. Vessels eligible for this form of cover include (but are not limited to) Construction Vessels, AHTs, PSVs, Seismic and Research Vessels.

Activities undertaken in the field/during service of these vessels and the liabilities arising from such activities may however fall outside your P&I cover. We will look in detail at your operations so that we can determine the level of extra cover that you may need.

Cover Buy Backs

Cover Buy Backs in respect of risks that may be excluded from your P&I Cover as well as extensions of your cover for risks that may be commercially assumed under a specific contract or otherwise arise during the course of the operation.

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Please contact SVP Christofer Kobro or another member of the offshore team for guidance.