Skuld Charterer

February 2024

Cover position and recommendations for Charterers transiting or trading in
the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, Southern Red Sea and the RUB Excluded Area

October 2023

Safe port/berth warranties in sales contracts - pitfalls to avoid

June 2023

Securing evidence – charterers' tools

March 2023

The charterer’s role in a casualty

October 2022

Letters of indemnity - the charterer’s perspective

August 2022

Cover position and recommendations for charterers trading cargo out of Ukraine under the Black Sea Grain Corridor Initiative


June 2022

Misdeclared container cargoes: Charterers at risk

March 2022

War in Ukraine: Latest developments


December 2021

STS operations from a Charterers’ perspective

September 2021

Stowaways: Rise in numbers equates to the rise of risk

June 2021

The Ever Given, claims and cover implications from a charterer's perspective

April 2021

Aligning sales contract and charter party terms

January 2021

Charterers in the middle: mind the gap 

October 2020
Early redelivery under the CP

April 2020
Covid-19: force majeure, frustration and exclusion clauses
March 2020
Channel closures
December 2019
Hull fouling clauses and prolonged stays
September 2019
War risks - Charterers' perspective

June 2019
Anti-technicality notices:a charterers’ perspective

March 2019
Breaching International Navigating Limits
January 2019
2020 Sulphur bunker cap: Charterers' concerns

December 2018
Bunker contamination: the importance of timely intervention

September 2018
Hedging in damages: A trader's playing field or minefield?
June 2018
Blockchain – the real deal, or a whole lot of hype?