The Field

November 2022
The Marine Warranty Surveyor

October 2019
A guide to US crew claims

March 2019
Case law update - the battle for jurisdiction

February 2019
Crew risks in the offshore environment

January 2019
Liability regimes in offshore contracts

November 2018
Re-launching Skuld Offshore - celebrating 10 years

October 2018
Keeping communications privileged – a recent decision

August 2018
Contractual wreck removal

Summer 2018
Brexit – Possible impact on the UK oil and gas industry

May 2018
Navigating Lloyd's - a Skuld offshore guide

April 2018
Arbitration - an arbitrators perspective

March 2018
Naming and waiving - the offshore guide to additional assurance addendums

February 2018
Case law update: Indemnities in practice 

January 2018
Spotlight on Insolvency  

December 2017
A P&I perspective of the offshore industry in 2017 and ahead

November 2017
Engineered grounding with Maersk Connector

October 2017
Incident investigation - US vs UK

September 2017
Contracting tips: Group definitions and third party risk

Summer 2017
Local correspondents: An integral part of the claims handling process

June 2017
Underwriting - the Skuld offshore way

May 2017
US vs UK - a comparison of mediation processes

April 2017
Letter of Undertaking

March 2017
Extending the boundaries of wilful misconduct and gross negligence?

February 2017
Lay-up cover: Helping owners in a distressed market

January 2017
Insurance requirements in the Mexican oil and gas industry

December 2016
Spotlight on Iran

November 2016
Waiving limitation goodbye?

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