About Skuld Energy

A leading specialist insurance provider

Skuld Energy is one of the leading providers of specialist insurance covers to the offshore and energy contracting arena. Our in-depth industry knowledge and experience enables us to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs, and this is why many leading offshore companies have chosen Skuld Energy as their insurance partner. 

Our products

We provide tailor made products to meet our clients' requirements, including a wide range of specialist liability covers.

  • Protection & Indemnity insurance for vessels and mobile units operating in the offshore arena
  • Specialist extensions of covers
  • Legal dispute cover (FD&D)
  • Specialist liability covers for offshore charterers
  • Tailored covers for renewable markets

Additionally, Skuld Offshore offers subsea and offshore equipment covers and a broad range of physical damage and liability (i.e. loss of hire). We have a unique product to cater for the sophisticated needs of the subsea and offshore industry.

Our clients

Insurance is purchased for a reason and as a mutual we understand more clearly than any commercial company the needs of our members and clients.

The Skuld Energy portfolio consists of over 200 mobile offshore units and some 1000 trading offshore vessels. Our clients range from major oil corporations operating worldwide to small privately owned ship owners, charterers and renewable energy companies. Regardless of the size of your company, we strive to provide the best security, service and expertise possible. 

Skuld - a turnkey insurance provider to the offshore arena

Our insurance products are provided through Assuranceforeningen Skuld (Gjensidig). Skuld is A-rated by Standard & Poor's.

Tradition and expertise

In the early 1970's Skuld was one of the first providers of specialist insurance covers to the new offshore contractors operating in the North Sea. Today, we are one of the leading providers of specialised insurance covers to operators, owners and charterers of vessels employed in offshore activities globally.

Skuld Energy is headed by Christofer Kobro who has been with Skuld since 2005. Together with our team of professionals with in-depth industry knowledge based in Oslo, London and Singapore we service and meet our clients' needs in all time zones.