Your Yacht insurance cover

Key Facts

A vital part of Skuld Yacht insurance is the specialist knowledge of our team. Our yacht cover has been specifically tailored for the superyacht market with the assistance of key players in the yacht industry. This is where out ‘think tank’ started and we believe that our wording and the breadth of our cover meet the market’s requirements.


Our standard cover is a full liability cover including, but not limited to, the following main liabilities:

  • Liabilities for injury, illness and death to crew, day workers or any third party, including guests, whether the yacht is used for private and pleasure, skipper charter or corporate entertainment purposes
  • Liability arising out of the physical loss of or damage to any vessel, fixed or movable property including 4/4ths collision
  • Water sports liability including aerial/aquatic activities and diving
  • Liabilities arising out of the use of all tenders and toys when used in conjunction with the main vessel
  • Contractual liability cover sub-limited to USD 5,000,000 unless otherwise agreed
  • There are no territorial limits


Our coverage may be tailored to your needs, including:

  • Liabilities to and of pre-delivery crew
  • War P&I risks cover from either ground up or excess of Hull value
  • Liabilities arising while the yacht is participating in a race or is subject to the rules of a race
  • Liabilities to submarines and submersibles
  • Physical loss or damage of submarines and submersibles may be offered through Skuld 1897 (special rules apply)
  • Freight, Demurrage and Defence risks


All requisite documentation is provided, including:

  • Italian Blue Card
  • Greek Liability Certificate
  • Spanish Liability Certificate
  • US: COFR letters
  • Bunker Blue Cards