Bulkers and Boxes – Let’s talk and find a solution together


Published: 6 October 2021

Credit to: Oaklizm / Shutterstock.com

As has been publicised recently, there has been an increased global trade emerging where bulk carriers are being chartered to carry containers.

Whilst container cargo can be carried on a bulk carrier, it is of the upmost importance that statutory, classification and safety requirements are identified and addressed prior to commencing the trade. It is also important to appreciate that from the perspective of insurers, a bulk carrier changing from the carriage of cargoes in bulk to container cargoes may also be considered as an alteration of risk. As such, opening a channel of a two-way dialogue between the member or assured and their underwriter, be it P&I or Hull and Machinery (H&M), is essential to avoid any potential cover issues.

Dedicated Technical Managers

To support any member or assured in this cargo transition, Skuld would also like to highlight that each of our members and assureds, both for P&I and H&M, has a dedicated technical manager within the Loss Prevention department. The technical managers are always on hand to collaborate in helping to find solutions for both technical and operational risks on a case-by-case basis. Through such cooperation we hope to ensure the unique details and challenges of individual circumstances are identified, addressed, and not lost by focusing on the commonality between different cases.

Please also remember that this approach extends not only for this particular emerging trade but for any circumstances where additional support or resources are wanted by our members or assureds.

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If you have any questions on this or any other subject, please do not hesitate to contact Skuld and explore how we can support your organisation by providing timely, accurate and actionable Loss Prevention advice as part of a key service to you.