Loss prevention advice on carriage of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) and its derivatives

Loss Prevention

Published: 11 March 2008

Please note that our earlier Loss Prevention Advice on carriage of DRI products is still valid.

We recommend members to carefully follow all given guidance and recommendations in the BC Code, latest edition.

In addition we also recommend our members to follow given advice/recommendations in our Loss Prevention Advice issued 22 August 2006.

From communication received from Intercargo and the International Group Secretariat, we have understood that revisions to the BC Code, with a view to making it mandatory in the future, were largely agreed at the September 2007 meeting of the Dangerous Goods Sub Committee (DSC) of the IMO Marine Safety Committee, and that the entries for DRI A and B are being reviewed and a new entry for DRI/HBI fines is being drafted for consideration and agreement at the September 2008 meeting of DSC.  Members will be advised of the new entries and any changes in the Association's recommendations at the earliest opportunity.