"Black Soy Beans" from Brazil - risk of cargo claims in China


Published: 22 October 2013

The Association is aware of a significant fire in a cargo silo in Santos, Brazil, which apparently damaged a significant number of soy beans.

Subsequently a number of claims arose in China over "black soy beans", where the quantity of burnt / heat damaged beans exceeded normal tolerance margins.

The Association is continuing to monitor the matter, but it appears as if parts of the damaged soy bean cargo may have found their way into otherwise "clean" cargoes.

Members are advised of exercising particular diligence while loading soy beans in Santos for the prevailing period and the Association would recommend that load port samples are taken for the preservation of vital evidence of the state of the cargo upon shipment.

If Members have a particular concern or experience in respect of this issue they are encouraged to contact the Association.

In the meantime Skuld would refer to its previous advices on the safe carriage of soy beans.