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Brazil and Uruguay: Soybeans with high moisture content

Brazil and Uruguay: Soybeans with high moisture content

Loss prevention

High value South American soybean claims continue: soybean carriage advise revisited 2016

The Association has recently experienced a number of high value cargo claims in respect of soybeans loaded in South America, mainly Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, all of which were discharged in China.

This article will discuss in "Section one" the problems associated with soybeans and the dichotomy between local regulations at the load port and different obligations at the discharge port facing the master when issuing bills of lading covering this cargo. It will also explore how those differences impact on the owners' obligations under the charter party.

In "Section two" the article will review relevant load port background information on soybeans and practical loss prevention tips.


Normal, sound soybeans

Skuld would like to thank Brookes Bell who has provided technical guidance and contribution for the preparation of this article.

Written by Patrick Chan

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