Rice cargoes destined for Nigeria shipped via Benin


Published: 25 March 2014

The Association has learned that at present a significant number of vessels have been waiting at anchorage of Cotonou, Benin, waiting to discharge cargoes of rice.

Some of these vessels may have been there for some significant time, which could impact on the cargo laden on board.

It appear s that the underlying reason for this situation is a dispute between the Nigerian authorities and rice importers over duties payable for the import of rice in to Nigeria.

As rice is an organic cargo, it can suffer from deterioration during a voyage for a number of reasons, including pre-shipment condition, conditions of carriage and the length of the voyage. Spoiled rice may be unfit for human consumption and can quickly become a total loss once the deterioration process has started.

The Association has previously advised in detail on the transportation of rice cargo.

From our Correspondents we understand that rice to Nigeria is often parboiled rice, and that Nigeria is the main market for this particular type of rice cargo. As such many cargoes shipped to nearby countries may ultimately be destined for Nigeria.

Members considering a fixture to carry parboiled rice to West Africa should therefore check:

  1. to which country is the cargo consigned
  2. to ensure that the cargo comes with all necessary import documentation to that country
  3. if the cargo is parboiled rice, to enquire further and contact the Association

A bag of rice that spoiled following moisture damage