Bauxite cargoes: Bulk cargo liquefaction risk


Published: 1 February 2013

Members are reminded of the web bulletin of 12 March 2012.

Members are now advised that BIMCO has prepared a further update on this issue.

The advice from BIMCO is that the difficulties encountered may not be contained to certain geographic areas, but may be of an inherent nature with the cargo itself.

Particularly at risk would be cargoes consisting of a large quantity of fine particles and/or powdered form.

The Association has in the past given detailed guidance on the possible risks of bulk cargo liquefaction.

Members are reminded to exercise caution, and to ensure that masters and vessels have the necessary information and support in relation to any cargo that may be carried which could present unusual difficulties.

In case of doubt masters should not hesitate to seek the assistance from local Skuld correspondents immediately.

Members are also encouraged to contact the Association with any queries they may have in relation to this issue.