Central America and Caribbean: Shipments of Iron Ore Fines and Nickel Ore


Published: 10 April 2013

The Association would like to draw Members' attention to a recent BIMCO advisory, which addresses possible concerns in respect of shipments of iron ore fines and nickel ore originating from ports in Central America and the Caribbean.

The Association also recently had a matter concerning operations in that area which necessitated further investigations.

Information gathered during this investigation revealed that old mining operations may be being brought "back on line", but that there may be limited local expertise in respect of the issue liquefaction which can affect mineral bulk cargoes, particularly iron ore (although other cargoes, notably nickel, fluorspar, coal and bauxite have also been known to suffer this problem).

In particular there may be limited local facilities to undertake consistent and accurate testing of cargo, which of course is critical for the issuing of valid cargo certificates (which, as per IMSBC, have to be provided to the vessel in advance of loading).

The Association would like to remind Members of the importance of ensuring that all care is taken before loading bulk cargoes that may be prone to the risk of liquefaction and the Association has previously issued extensive guidance on the matter which can be found in the dedicated section of our website.

If Members have any concerns or queries they are asked to contact the Association without delay.