Indonesia: Monsoon season commencing - carriage of nickel ore


Published: 12 October 2011

Members involved in the carriage of Nickel Ore from Indonesia should be aware that the Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Department (BMKG) has recently provided estimates for the commencement of the 2011 monsoon.

This is expected to begin in October in Halmahera and in November in Sulawesi and West Papua.

These islands/areas represent the origin ports of the majority of Indonesian nickel ore cargoes and increased rainfall can result in increased moisture contents of cargoes. Increased vigilance is always recommended during stock pile inspection, sampling, testing, and loading of these cargoes, but is of even greater critical importance during the monsoon season.

We otherwise refer members to our circulars of 27 January 2011 IG Group Circular for Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore for recommendations on inspection, sampling, testing, etc., and our circular of 23 August 2011 in respect of the IG recommended charterparty clause.

Our thanks to SPICA Singapore for providing information concerning the Indonesian monsoon season.