Intercargo Nickel Ore Guidance


Published: 30 January 2012

Dear Member,

Following our disappointment at the high profile loss of life in respect of the “Vinalines Queen” casualty on 25 December, we were asked by the Intercargo membership to take action to stem the loss of life relating to the carriage of Nickel Ore.

Subsequently, we have notified the exporting countries and have taken considerable informal advice from other stakeholders as to what strategies we can practically adopt to maximise safety but ensuring that the practical issues relating to safety analysis and testing are also recognised. In particular, we acknowledge and thank members of the Intercargo Cargoes Correspondence Group who provided feedback and suggestions on our idea of supplementing the existing (and excellent) P&I and Class advice with a leaflet explaining :-

a) What shippers and owners need to know in respect of SOLAS and the IMSBC requirements;

b) What practical measures should be undertaken in respect of safety arising out of the discussions at IMO last year in respect of the IMO DSC 16 meeting

c) What shippers need to do to improve their own procedures and

d) What practical advice can be given to Masters / Owners to encourage safety during the loading and pre-loading stages ?

From the advice received, we have drawn up the following leaflet which we are now in the process of circulating to the wider shipping Industry including representatives from the major exporting nations. The leaflet contains a simple checklist to assist in the loading process.

Hard copies of the leaflet are being printed and given the vital importance to the safety of the Industry, we will also send to every Dry Bulk company in the world operating vessels of supramax and below to facilitate safety and to raise awareness. Naturally, we will also send copies of this leaflet to all Intercargo members as well.

Parallel to the ongoing discussions at IMO, we would of course welcome the proposals of the wider Intercargo membership to drive our strategy on Cargo related issues and would therefore kindly ask members to reserve the date of the next Intercargo meeting : 12-13 March in Singapore, when cargo liquefaction and IMSBC developments will once again, be put to the members for consideration.

Rob Lomas
Secretary General, Intercargo