Pre-loading survey of steel cargo


Published: 4 October 2018

Claims involving steel cargoes are frequent and the result is substantial payments from the Club, and determining the pre-shipment condition of the cargo and subsequent clausing of the Bills of Lading is a very important part of the carrier's obligations.

Skuld considers it prudent to engage surveyors to carry out pre-shipment surveys of certain steel products, and as part of the Skuld loss prevention programme we are covering 50% of the Member/Assured's net survey costs, i.e. after deducting contributions which are agreed in the charterparty. The programme is available for Owners on either Mutual or Fixed terms and for Charterers operating as contractual carriers.

1. Types of steel

  • hot and cold rolled steel coils
  • wire rods
  • steel pipes and tubes
  • steel plates and steel sheets
  • structural steel: beams, flats, squares, square bars, profiles, channels, angles, girders, joists
  • reinforcing bars to the Far East

2. Division of costs

Skuld will cover 50% of the Member/Assured's net survey costs (after deducting contributions which are agreed in the charterparty) of pre-loading surveys undertaken for the types of steel listed under 1) above.

3. Deductible

No deductible shall apply to pre-loading steel survey costs.

4. Statistics

Skuld's part of the costs of the pre-loading steel surveys shall be registered in the member's statistics.

We also refer to our publication "Carriage of Steel Cargoes" which provides practical advice on several aspects of carrying such cargo.