EU Air Emission Directive


Published: 6 November 2009

EU Directive 2005/33/EC requiring use of 0.1% sulphur marine fuel at berth (Fuel switching)

From 1 January 2010 ships using ports within the EU will be required to use low-sulphur fuel, maximum 0.1 wt% sulphur, while at berth, with an exception for those making only short stops (Directive 2005/33/EC).

The regulation applies also to ships that are anchored.

The fuel switch should be done as soon as possible after arrival and as late as possible before departure.

This regulation applies to all engines and to all boilers, including auxiliary boilers.

The regulation will as well, most likely make it necessary to use distillate fuel while at berth.

There are concerns that there are risks associated with switching from residual oil to distillate fuel in boilers.

Reference is made to the attachments, which give more information about the risks connected to fuel switching, and measures to prevent incidents.