Amendments to MARPOL Annex V entering into force 1 March 2018


Published: 5 February 2018

The Club would like to remind its members of the forthcoming implementation date of the amendments to MARPOL Annex V which will enter into force on 1 March 2018.

The main amendments to MARPOL Annex V cover;

Declaration of cargo residues

Solid bulk cargo residues will be divided into two categories, 'Harmful to the Marine Environment' and 'non-Harmful to the Marine Environment'. Cargoes which are not harmful to the marine environment carry less stringent requirements on discharging than ones defined as harmful. SOLAS along with the new appendix I of MARPOL Annex V lays out the classification criteria for the above. Shippers are reminded of a requirement to declare if the cargo is harmful to the marine environment or not.

Garbage Record Book

A new format of the Garbage Record Book has been included into Appendix II of MARPOL Annex V. It is divided into two parts. Part I covers all garbage other than cargo residues which is applicable to all ships. Part II covers cargo residues and is valid for ships only carrying solid bulk cargoes.

In addition to the above, Part I of the Garbage Record Book has been amended to now include a category call e-waste[1] along with the need to record the start and stop date/times and positions for the use of incinerators. It should also be noted that receipts received from reception facilities are required to be retained on board for two years.

Members should ensure that vessels have the required new format of the Garbage Record Book on board their vessels prior to 1 March 2018 and that their Garbage Management Plans has be updated where necessary to ensure compliance with the amendments to MARPOL Annex V. This may also include additional placards.

It should also be highlighted that the 2012 Guidelines for the implementation of MARPOL Annex V have been replaced by the 2017 Guidelines.

MEPC.277(70), MEPC.295(70) and MEPC.220(63) should be consulted for all amended requirements.

[1] E-waste covers electronic cards, gadgets, equipment, computers, printer cartridges, etc generated on board the vessel.