California Non-Tank Vessel Response Plans and Certificates of Financial Responsibility


Published: 10 August 1999

We refer to our circular dated 21 July 1999.

In a letter dated 5 August 1999, the Administrator of the California Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) has advised that the California authorities will not be able to meet the 1 September 1999 statutory deadline for submission of non-tank vessel contingency plans. The deadline for submission of the contingency plans has therefore been postponed until 30 days after the regulations are approved by the California Office of Administrative Law and filed with the California Secretary of State.

For planning purposes, it is anticipated that the deadline will probably be extended at least until mid-October. It should be noted that no substantive changes are expected in the contingency plan requirements, and therefore the text of the draft regulations may still be used as a guide in preparing contingency plans.

OSPR also advises that the COFR regulations will require an additional 15-day public comment period. It is therefore expected that the final regulations will be published on or about 20 August 1999. However, OSPR recommends that shipowners and operators submit completed COFR applications as soon as possible so as to expedite processing of the application.

Alternatively, application forms may be obtained directly from the California OSPR.

Once the applications have been submitted, OSPR will issue an interim letter which may be used as proof of compliance.

For further information, kindly contact Skuld.