Korean Oil Pollution Regulations


Published: 21 January 1998

Amendments to the Korea Sea Pollution Prevention Act were implemented 30 December 1997. Certain requirements are imposed on the Owners of vessels operating in the waters of Inchon, Pusan, Ulsan, Pohang, Yeosu (Yosu) and Daesan.

The main features of the Regulations, which are sanctioned by heavy fines, are:

  • Oil tankers of more than 500 GT must prepare equipment to prevent oil pollution. Such equipment may be hired from local companies.
  • Non-oil tankers of more than 10.000 GT must make preparations or appoint a local clean-up contractor in order to prevent oil pollution.
  • A "Certificate of Pollution Prevention Obligation" must be obtained from the Korea Marine Oil Pollution Prevention Corp. for a certain fee prior to arrival.

At the present time we only have superficial information, and Members should ask their local representatives for further details.