Liability for stevedore damage claims


Published: 13 February 2012

The major part of world trade is carried by sea. With this enormous amount of cargo being moved around the globe it is not surprising that accidents happen but, even so, when we talk of stevedore damage, some cargoes are perhaps more susceptible to stevedore damage than others.

Cargoes most susceptible to stevedore damage are, effectively, all cargoes carried in bags and include rice (or for that matter all kinds of grain) ,bagged cargo, steel coils and paper rolls/wood pulp.

Other than cargo, stevedores may of course also cause damage to the vessel.

For both types of damage (cargo and vessel) the liability allocation in the C/P will have to be checked together with any stevedore damage clause. An outline of how standard pre-printed clauses and rider clauses work together can be found here.