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Published: 7 December 2023 Updated:

2023 edition

This booklet is intended to be a guide for seafarers serving on board our members' vessels who want to learn about what we, Skuld, as their global marine insurer can offer and how they can contribute to reducing any damage or loss to people, the environment, the vessel, and her cargo.

Skuld offers Mutual P&I insurance, Commercial fixed P&I, Yacht liability cover, Charterers' liability and more through our Skuld office network. Protection & Indemnity (P&I) is Skuld's largest line of business. The P&I cover protects our members against third party losses and liabilities and gives access to the professional services offered by Skuld's experienced teams.

Skuld is a leading provider of Hull and Machinery (H&M) insurance, and associated covers, to shipowners around the world. H&M insurance covers physical damage to the vessel.

This guide provides insights into various marine risks which are laid out in separate sections. In addition to looking at major risks against which our shipowners are insured, we also want to provide some simple advice to help you to protect your crew and ship, as well as saving everybody a lot of trouble. As a seafarer you also help the vessel's owners. Reduced losses mean reduced insurance premiums for the shipowner. Everybody benefits if everyone is doing the right thing at the right time.

This booklet was written for the seafarers who serve on the vessels insured by Skuld. It includes Skuld's specific loss prevention experience gained over the many years we have been serving our members. The booklet is meant to be used as a reference book to which chapters the seafarers can turn whenever they look for answers to their questions.

The booklet is available in a print version for our members. Please contact your local Skuld office.