Ebola virus: Follow up on outbreak of disease in Guinea

Ebola virus

Published: 11 June 2014

The situation

Members will recall the Association's first advisory on this issue.

The Association's correspondents have now provided the attached further update on the matter, and further updates can be obtained when published on the Ivory P&I website.

Key information and loss prevention

Members will wish to ensure that should their vessels call at any country or port which has been associated with these matters, that crews are reminded, and where necessary briefed, on personal health and hygiene steps as well as precautions that should be taken when either going ashore or when consuming any local food or beverage or otherwise engaging locally.

Furthermore, it is prudent to consider what kind of health inspections may be in place both at the particular port of call, as well as subsequent ports of call.

It is worth noting that Senegal in particular has put in place specific measures for vessels arriving at its ports.

In any event, local agents should be consulted well in advance in order to ensure vessels are adequately prepared. Should any issues or concerns arise then the Association and its correspondents will be able to assist further.

Should any crewman feel unwell or fall ill during or after a call at a port where a communicable disease is present then immediate recourse should be had to the vessel's medical resources, in particular prompt contact should be made with any company doctor or medical service, or such as may be provided by the technical managers. In case of concern or further assistance being required, then prompt contact to the Association should follow.

The Association is grateful to Messrs. France P&I and Ivory P&I for contributing to this update.