West Africa: POEA advice on Ebola

Ebola virus

Published: 13 August 2014

The development

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has issued guidelines for Filipino seafarers and manning agencies with respect to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa.

Specifically the advice is now against any shore leave and that no crew change shall take place in the ports of countries experiencing an outbreak of Ebola.

Furthermore, the POEA states that all ships operating or calling at ports in countries with an outbreak shall ensure that seafarers are provided with appropriate protective equipment and to limit the possibility of exposure to the virus during any port call.

Members with Filipino crew on board their vessels should take note with respect to this development.

Further information can be found in the republished POEA Memorandum No. 07 of 2014 and on the official Philippine Government website.

Specific further POEA advice

  1. The Master must ensure that the crew are aware of the risks, how the virus can be spread and how to mitigate the risk;
  2. The ISPS Code requirements on ensuring that unauthorized personnel are not allowed to board the ship should be strictly enforced throughout the duration of the ship's stay in port; and
  3. After departure, the crew should be aware of the symptoms and report any occurring symptoms immediately to master or other designated medical authority on the vessel.

Members are asked to contact the Association if they require further information.

The Association is grateful to Joseph Rebano of Del Rosario & Del Rosario for assisting with this update.