MERS virus: Situation in South Korea

MERS virus

Published: 5 June 2015

Members will be aware from the recent news articles that there have been a number of MERS cases reported in South Korea over the last week.

We have been advised by our correspondents in South Korea that currently there are no shipping quarantine or other restrictions as a result of the MERS situation. They have also checked with concerned authorities who have confirmed that there has been no restrictions or special directions issued for the MERS situation at the moment. Our correspondents will further monitor the situation and update us of any developments.

For a short summary of MERS and loss prevention advice, please see the earlier published member advisories. Although these advisories concerned the MERS situation in the Middle East in 2014, the advice provided in it remains relevant.

The Association is grateful to correspondents Spark International for their contribution to this update.