Algeria: Restrictions on import of vehicles, cement and steel debars

Port news

Published: 18 January 2016

On 12 January 2016 we advised that there was a ban on the import of vehicles, cement and steel debars and that same was put in effect pending the new import licence rules soon to enter into force. We have now been informed that the suspension has been replaced with a set of restrictions in the said licence rules.

Algeria will greatly reduce imports of vehicles and the quota has been set at 152,000 units for 2016. In comparison Algeria imported nearly 300,000 vehicles in 2015 against 439,637 units in 2014.

This quota relates to motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more people (including the driver), passenger cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons and also vehicles for the transport of goods.

The quantity of gray portland cement has been set at 1,5 million tonnes, and as for the steel debars the quantity has been set at 2 million tonnes.

Any economic operator, physical or legal person fulfilling the conditions provided in the law and applicable regulations, may apply for an import license of a product or commodity.

The notice of initiation of the quotas is from 14 January to 3 February 2016.

This list can possibly be extended to other products and goods.

Before carrying such cargo to Algeria we recommend that the members obtain official confirmation from the shippers that the import license has been obtained.

The Association is grateful to Neffous Shipping & Consulting in Algeria for contributing to this update.