Nigeria: Lagos anchorage

Port news

Published: 30 November 2012

Please find enclosed Nigerian Ports Authority Public Notice No. 3817.

The Authority has observed that for some time now, vessels have been anchoring indiscriminately in close clusters around the approach to the Lagos Harbour entrance which increases in density by the day, thereby resulting in near misses and at least one collision and mariners have started complaining.

Furthermore, there have also been a series of complaints from service providers (NITEL, Main One and GLO) of communication cable cuts due to indiscriminate dropping of anchors in prohibited areas, with its attendant costs and inconvenience to customers and end-users.

Also, the Nigerian Metrological Agency (NIMET) will soon install its weather buoy and shall be given a safety distance of 500m radius around it in accordance with applicable regulations and international best practice.

It has therefore become necessary to issue this notice so that all mariners and the general public are informed of the locations in which anchorage is prohibited within the Lagos Roads.

This is for your information.

Please accept the assurances of our highest regards.
Yours faithfully,
Capt. I. Ebubeogu
General Manager Marine
For Managing Director