Nigeria: USCG advices with respect to Nigerian ports

Port news

Published: 16 June 2014

The situation

Members should note that the Department of Homeland Security / United States Coast Guard (USCG) have imposed Conditions of Entry for vessels arriving in the United States following calls at certain Nigerian ports.

This policy will become effective as of 26 June 2014.

ISPS advice

Members are referred to the Association's previous ISPS advices.

The United States Coast Guard has stated that for certain ports in Nigeria, subject to express exceptions, there are insufficient measures for the effective prevention of terrorism risks.

As a result, the conditions for entry now include the requirement that vessels:

  1. implement measures as per the vessel's security plan equivalent to Level 2 when in a port in the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  2. ensure access points to the vessel are guarded
  3. guards may be provided by the vessel's crew, but always ensuring that crew do not exceed maximum work hours
  4. attempt to execute a declaration of security while in a port in Nigeria
  5. log all security actions in the vessel's security records
  6. reports actions taken to the responsible Coast Guard Port Captain prior to arrival in US waters

The Coast Guard may determine that a vessel may need to have armed, private security guards, on board while in US ports. This would be determined by the USCG prior to the vessel's arrival.

For member's reference, the Association is republishing the following Coast Guard document: USCG Notice 2014–0067.

For further information, members are asked to contact the Association.

The Association is grateful to Charles Whited Jr. of Murphy, Rogers, Sloss & Gambel for contributing to this update.