Country Insight: Venezuela

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is one of the most significant nations of South America, combining a rich history with a great wealth in people and resources. It remains a key trading nation for the world, but it is also a country with a present difficult political and social situation.

Venezuela has been a fully independent and separate nation since 1830, after its precursor territory began as part of the Spanish colonial empire in South America. It is the birth place of the famous Latin America liberator Simon Bolivar and whose name is still part of the official title of Venezuela.

Today Venezuela is a key producer of such valuable export commodities as coffee, cocoa, iron ore, coal and of course oil. This makes it a significant export nation and port of call for the global maritime industry.

Venezuela has, however, undergone a period of political and social upheaval in recent years which have affected imports, exports as well as the general conditions for making a port of call in this country.

Specific and highly concerning risks include the risk of attempted drug smuggling using a member's vessel - and the significant legal consequences should a vessel be found to have been involved in such smuggling - as well as the high crime rate which gives rise to concerns over whether shore leave for crew is advisable.

As a result of having dealt with a number of matters linked to Venezuela, the Association has produced a significant amount of loss prevention material particular for calls to this country's ports.

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