USA: US Trade – Wood/Dunnage – Restricted Import

Port news

Published: 22 September 2005

This serves to remind you that the US rules on import of wood/dunnage entered into force on 16 September 2005.

The restrictions include crates, boxes, choking – wood and all other wooden materials. All wood should be marked IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) and as far as choking wood is concerned, the carrier must show that the individual pieces were cut from properly marked material.

Further details may be found at / Newsroom / Press Releases (July 29, 2005).

NB! The previous use of certificates has been abolished.

Notice to charterers

We suggest that owners/disponent owners bring the above to the attention of their charterers eg as follows:

This will remind you that the US rules on restricted import of wood/dunnage entered into force on 16 September 2005.

Please ensure that all cargo of wood, cargo crates and boxes, dunnage and choking wood is properly marked. Further details of the regulations may be found at / Import / Commercial Enforcement / Wood Packaging Materials (WPM).

C/P clause

Although charterers and shippers will be obliged to comply with the new rules under general maritime law, a specific clause in the C/P may reduce discussions and possibly disputes. We suggest:

US wood/dunnage

Charterers undertake that any form of wood/dunnage including crates or boxes to protect cargo, choking wood and the like to be landed or discharged in any US port or place is properly marked.

Any costs incurred or time lost due to the non-compliance with the existing rules to be for charterers’ account.