China: Development of fish farms around Lanshan Port and impacts on safe navigation

Port news

Published: 4 December 2013

The Association has previously advised about the dangers and risks of incidents between Members’ vessels and Fish Farm installations in China, in particular Members are referred to the previous Advisory of 23 January 2013 China: Fish farms and fishing traffic.

The Association is now in receipt of Correspondent Huatai’s Circular PNI1304 which provides further and more detailed information on this issue in respect of Lanshan Port, a place where Skuld vessels have experienced significant claims following alleged contact between the vessels and Fish Farms as well as other Marine culture installations.

In particular it is noteworthy that the areas of activity as well as the density of activity are significantly increasing, with not all installations fully licensed it can be difficult to be sure exactly where all such installations are to be found. Furthermore there appears to be some regulatory confusion as to whether all concerned areas fall under the jurisdiction of Lansahn or Jiangsu Ports, leading to further concerns about the accuracy of information available in respect of the precise location of the Fish Farms and other installations.

Huatai provide a number of advices in respect of mitigating the risks, which include :


  1. When entering into and departing from Lanshan port, vessels are advised to follow the recommended navigation channel.
  2. It is recommended that vessels which depart from Lanshan port in new channels do not deviate from recommended channel unless necessary, especially in consideration of the dangers that will be caused by leaving the channel early before buoy No. 103. Attention should also be paid to the limited breadth when avoiding another vessel.
  3. Unless necessary, vessels should avoid crossing the area composed by the extension line of No.129 buoy (VF) and No.343 buoy (VF), the extension line of 300,000mts channel, the extension line of 101 buoy and 314 buoy and the extension line of new channel.
  4. It is recommended that vessels do not cross the intermediate zone between G fishery farms area and I fishery farms area as shown in the above sketch (see attached Huatai circular).
  5. Vessels are suggested to report their dynamic information to VTS before sailing to the new channel entrance so that VTS can provide assistance to safe navigation.
  6. It is very important to sail cautiously when entering into and departing from Lanshan port. If vessel has unfortunately broken into any fishery farms at Lanshan, the master is recommended to report to Owners, P&I Club
  7. immediately. Huatai Qingdao can also be contacted at the following details in order that timely and necessary assistance can be obtained (see attached Huatai circular).


Claims arising from such incidents have exceeded USD 1 million in value, and it can often be difficult to secure the necessary evidence to either corroborate or disprove the claims, creating a difficult claims scenario.

The Association would continue to recommend Members instruct Masters to exercise due caution and prudence in navigation whenever they approach a Port or Port channel that has Marine Installations nearby or otherwise is subject to factors restricting the safe navigable route in and out.

In case of further queries, Members are asked to contact the Association.

The Association is grateful to Messrs. Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. for their Circular PNI1304.