Korea: Port Entry Permission System to be enforced in Korean ports

Port news

Published: 15 August 2016

Please be advised that amendments to the “International Ship and Port Facility Security Act” and “Ship’s Port Entry and Departure Enforcement Act” passed the Korean Cabinet Council on 2 August 2016.  These amendments were taken as a measure to strengthen port security in the light of a recent increase in security incidents such as foreign crew disembarking vessels without required permission (i.e. shore pass) etc., and the rapidly increasing threat of international terrorism.

The amendment includes application of a “Port Entry Permission System”, which the P&I club and the members should take note of.

The “Port Entry Permission System” necessitates that for vessels which have had prior incidents in Korean ports of foreign crew disembarking the vessel without permission, even if he/she remains within the port limits, this will require port authority entry permission for the vessel’s next call to Korean ports. Further, should incidents reoccur, entry to Korean ports will not be permitted for the vessel.

The Association is grateful to Spark International for contributing to this update.