Country Insight: Ukraine

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Ukraine is a significant export nation known for its fertile lands producing substantial quantities of agricultural products, in particular grain. Further, it has extensive mining industries for coal as well as iron ore. The coal and iron ore industry also fuels a significant steel production in the country. Beyond these industries, Ukraine also has well developed chemical, automotive and aerospace sectors. Ukraine produces some oil and gas, however, it is a significant importer of both commodities as domestic production is unable to meet demand.

For shipping, Ukraine has been a major destination and an important part of the global commodity supply chain.

The country has, however, presented challenges to shipping, too, not least with respect to issues over ballast water management and environmental regulations.

It has been well publicised that Ukraine has experienced significant political upheaval in recent times, leading to a conflict situation affecting the Crimean region as well as eastern areas of the country. These matters continue to be developing and for anyone trading to or from Ukraine it is important to closely follow these developments as they occur.

The Association has published a number of updates on Ukraine related issues.

Furthermore, the Association has a dedicated section of information for specific issues with respect sanctions that have followed the political and conflict developments.

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