Ukraine: Calls between Ukrainian ports and Crimean region

Port news

Published: 23 June 2014

The situation

Members will be aware of the continuing and developing situation affecting the country of Ukraine, particularly with regards to the status of the region of the Crimea.

The Association has learned that there may now be issues with respect to calls at Ukrainian ports after a call at a port in the Crimean region.

Legal and practical situation

Advice received from the Association’s correspondents DIAS states that recent legal changes in Ukrainian law have created a complicated situation for anyone who seeks to travel to the Crimean region from Ukraine, as well as for any transit from the Crimea to Ukraine.

These legal developments will affect the crew of vessels that may be calling at ports between these two areas.

A failure to comply with these procedures can lead to delay as well as criminal prosecution. Such prosecution could involve fines, detention, jailing and confiscation.

Loss prevention advice

If members are planning a call at a port in Ukraine before or after a call at a port in the Crimean region, it would be prudent to carefully check the latest situation with respect to the law of Ukraine as well as its practical implementation by Immigration and Customs authorities. Furthermore, every effort should be made to comply with the law and practice of any port a member’s vessel may call at.

Should members have any difficulty or concerns, they should contact the Association for further advice.

In case of urgency, masters are encouraged to seek immediate assistance from the Association’s correspondents.

Further information

For information on sanctions issues with respect to Ukraine and the Crimea regtion, please consult: Insight - Ukraine sanctions.

For further information, members are asked to contact the Association.

The Association is grateful to correspondents DIAS for contributing to this update.