Ukraine: Pre-Arrival Information - Important!

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Published: 7 October 2008

In the given section we would quote the content of the detailed instructions, which a ship agent ought to inform the master of the vessel/shipowner in cases when a vessel sails for loading or discharging to one of Ukrainian ports.

In the notification given below there is important information which could help a master of the vessel to avoid the problems connected with observance of quite strict demands which are made to a vessel from the side of State Inspection for Protection of the Black Sea, local Custom Authorities and Sanitary Inspections.

Nevertheless as our quite abundant experience shows that in spite of such ship agents’ notifications, at least one half of the vessels entering Ukrainian ports face the given challenge and in our opinion there are two main reasons for that:

  1. Not all ship agents put an accent in their notifications to the fact that non-observance of the local demands may result in considerable penalties.
  2. A lot of masters/ship-owners of the vessels entering our ports are busy with preparing the vessels for cargo operations and they are lacking of time to become familiarized with the ship agents’ recommendations.

As long as we can see, our site is quite  frequently attended by a great number of ship-owning companies, therefore we decided to allocate here a standard text, which is usually sent to the master of the vessel by experienced and professional agents. In this text we italicize in bold type those recommendations which we advise to pay additional attention at as non-observance of those recommendations is exactly the cause of great number of rising difficulties.


  1. Please advise us via telex/e-mail following pre-arrival information:
    - master's name
    - reg. Owners co.
    - IMO number
    - loa, sdwt, grt, nrt, call sign
    - length, breadth, depth moulded as per tonnage certificate
    - port of registry and reg no.
    - draft on arrival/departure
       fyi  density of sea water at Odessa 1.009-1.013
    - is vsl equipped with sewage treatment plant, if annual certificate for the plant isavailable.
    - capacity of vessel's sewage tank (if available)
    - port/city/country/date of call /date of departure for 10 last ports of call
    - number and nationality of crew and passengers (if any), their health condition
    - yr requests/orders (fresh water/shipchandler/bunkers, etc.)
    - crew list
  2. Please be advised as per State Inspection of Protection of the Black Sea regulations, the ship's ballast water can be discharged in territorial waters of the Ukraine only if it was taken (changed) in the Black Sea (12 miles zone from coast) and only under condition that ballast satisfies the state criteria of it's cleanness, defined by taking samples. An unauthorized discharge of ballast will lead to a penalty.
    Therefore in order to avoid problems with the abv mentioned state body we kindly ask you to change yr ballast in the Black Sea and to keep minimum (but always sufficient for safe navigation, propeller must be submerged 100%, fore draft not less 2% from LBP (pilot requirements)) quantity on ballast on arrival.
    Also before entering Ukrainian territorial waters (12 miles zone) tightly close and seal all outlet discharge valves (ballast, bilge, domestic, gray water etc.), as they are always inspected.
    Note: vessel can discharge treated sewage water directly to sea if vessel's sewage plant ensures chemical and biological sewage treatment and sewage prevention pollution certificate is available. If vessel's sewage plant ensures chemical sewage treatment only, vessel entering 3 miles zone must keep ship's sewage outlet valve sealed. In this case please find the way to connect sewage plant with any other holding tank.
    Sewage water accumulated in holding tank can be discharged into port's barge (free of charge)
    Please make sure that the vessel's deck is clean from any oils/bunker residues
    Please double-check that the ship's garbage is well separated (can be checked)
  3. Please note that vessel can be inspected by port state control for the purpose of checkup of availability on board valid certificates as per SOLAS The PSC can ask you to present the following certificates: a cert for pilot's ladder, a cert for lifejackets, a cert for "man overboard" smoke signal, a report of survey of fireman's outfit and other rarely-checked certificates.
    The ship must have GMDSS equipment in good order. All the ships certificates on board must be valid and original, otherwise ship may be detained.
    Please advise us with following info, which will be inspected:
    - Availability on board of International ISPS Certificate.
    - Availability on board of Security level.
    - Availability on board of Security plan.
    - Availability on board of responsible officer for security with relevant certificate/ his rank/ name.
    - Availability on board of  Synopsis records.
  4. Please prepare following docs for arrival formalities:
    1) Ship stores declaration (IMO fal form 3) - 3 copies Please pay special attention to correct declaration of paint, thinner, chemicals etc. as customs officers inspect vessel in this respect very carefully.
    2)Crew effects declaration, listing golden rings, chains, audio/video equipment etc (IMO fal form 4) - 2 copies.
    3) Money list stating: name of crew member/rank/amount of currency, with original signatures of each crew member - 2 copies Please declare exact amount as customs officers will check and calculate.
    4) List of medicines (listing in details all medicines on board) - 1 copies 5. Narcotics list - 2 copies (Medicines of group a, b, c, etc... As per intrnl maritime medicine Guide-book: like athropin, ephedrin, codein, diazepam, albucid, Phenobarbital, dimedrol, chlorpromazine etc..., or medicines, containing any percentage of similar substances, must be declared) Please declare carefully medicines and narcotics.
    5) Crew list (imo fal form 5) - 10 copies. Please insert seaman's book nos.
    6) Notice of readiness - 5 copies
    7) Int'l maritime declaration of health - 1 copy 9. Nil list (no animals, no passengers, no stowaways, no arms) - 2 copy 10. Provision list - 3 copies.
    8) Vaccination list - 1 copy
    9) Ship's particulars - 1 copy.
  5. Upon arrival to port of Odessa please contact port control (vhf channel 14) and ask them for further instructions.
    Please also send to us N.O.R. Via telex or e-mail on arrival.
  6. Please be warned that as per port rules you are not allowed to insert in mate's receipts and tally sheets any remarks regarding *quantity* of cargo, such as "quantity unknown", "said to be", "number of pieces/bundles unknown", "vessel not responsible for quantity", "shore/shipper's tally" and other.
  7. Please advise expiry dates, date of annual survey for following certificates:
    International Tonnage
    International Load Line
    Safety Construction
    Safety Equipment
    Safety Radio
    International Sewage Pollution Prevention Class Minimum Safety Manning Safety Management Document of Compliance Port and date of last PSC inspection
    Please prepare copy of the following certificates:
    1.      International Tonnage (2 copies)
    2.      International Load Line
    3.      Safety Equipment + Form "E"
    4.      Document of Compliance
    5.      Safety Management
    6.      Continuous Synopsis
    7.      Security officer (certificate)
    8.      Ships security certificate + security plan (only first page)
    9.      Registry certificate (2 copies)
    NOTE: all of a/m copies must be with pages of annual survey dates (if / any).
    Local time is GMT +3 hrs.


Please note, at present moment in Odessa we have very strict customs control to each vessel on arrival and departure.
Under these circumstances please declare all ship's stores with maximum accuracy, in addition please note:

- fuel and diesel oil (custom officers can make bunker survey in order to determine exact quantity of bunker. In case their calculations will show that Chief Engineer stated wrong quantity of bunker – high penalty is guaranteed)

- lub oils (all oils must be declared including hydraulic and engine, the waste oils as well, all which are in drums and cans, in engine cylinders, hydraulic oils, etc...)

- customs stricktly check medicines containing narcotics. Please pay utmost attention to include in Narcotic List all narcotic containing medicines. In order to avoid any potential problem it is recommended to declare all ship’s medicines
Please add inside Medicine List following remark: ‘Due to vessel doesn’t have full list of medicines are considered as narcotic containing, we declare all medicines available on board. Customs officers are kindly required to inform ua if any medicines are considered as narcotic containing to include into narcotic list’

- all private medicines to be declared (even for head ache or cough)

- chemicals (thinners, cleaning materials, acids, etc...)

- paints (all types, all drums and little cans, even old paint)

- pyrotechnics (rockets in life boats as well, with particular accuracy)

- narcotic and medicine (all should be declared as usual but we expect tablet by tablet control every call to port)

- ship's cash and crew money/effect (we expect especially strict search /control)

- all ship's stores which has value more than 100 euro (per item or complete set) and may be consumed during trip like provisions, cartridges, tv, faxes, computers, etc....and can be counted by the customs should be declared with particular accuracy.


All paint and spare parts arriving on board of yr vessel which will be used by Odessa shipyard should be stored separately and thoroughly declared as per invoices.
Thanks for understanding and paying attention for above.

Custom officers apply high penalties in every case when they detect violation of their requirements.

Please be kindly advised that new sanitary regulations implemented at Odessa port starting from 17.10.2005:
- on arrival each vessel have to provide carpet  (floor mat) near the gangway on deck (upstairs!) Cultivated with chlorine containing liquid.
All above measures due to dangerous situation with bird flu, so very strict control from authorities side expected.


Our correspondent DIAS Co. Ltd, has kindly brought this information to our attention.