DNV GL Sulphur Ship Implementation Plan


Published: 18 March 2019

Credit to: Eric Gevaert / Shutterstock.com

Skuld encourages all its members and assureds to conduct early planning regarding the Global Sulphur Cap 2020 limits.

Skuld would like to highlight that the preparation for having the vessels ready for 0.50% m/m fuel will involve several sets of risk. These include but are not limited to stability issues when several fuel tanks are emptied at the same time, work in enclosed spaces and correct handling and disposal of accumulated sludge during tank cleaning.

Strict compliance with each company's Safety Management System (SMS), proper risk assessments and well-trained crew will reduce the risk on unwanted events.

To assist our assureds with this process class society DNV GL has, in collaboration with Skuld, created an onboard planning tool. The planner is free to use for all members regardless of the vessels' Class.

The tool can be accessed via the Veracity platform. To access it you need to create an account, find it in the "Marketplace" and add it to your "MyServices".

Skuld has previously released newsletters regarding this issue. Kindly click on links for more information.