Singapore: The importance of safe navigation in the Singapore Strait and Singapore waters


Published: 14 February 2014

The Association has sourced the information herein from publicly available sources including the MPA website, as well as our own experience.

Members will be aware of the recent news reports of a number of collision incidents that appear to have taken place in and around Singapore waters.

Singapore is one of the key shipping hubs in the world, providing a transport and logistics base not only for the critical Europe, Middle East and Asian trades but also for inter Asian shipping. It is also a major transhipment centre, handling over 32 million TEU, as well as being Asia's prime centre for the offshore industry.

All of this does mean, however, a constant flow of marine traffic, the vast majority of which is conducted safely and without incident.

It is, however, timely to reiterate the need for best practices to safe navigation in these busy waters, and the MPA Singapore has published a useful reminder of the key points to remember when seeking to call at or pass through this area.

In particular the Association would point to the recommendation to proceed at safe speed as a key element in collision avoidance.

Past experience of matters attended to by the Association has shown that timely steps to appropriately adjust speed, especially in potentially uncertain circumstances with relation to other traffic, can help to avoid collisions or help to mitigate the situation.

In case Members have further queries, they are asked to contact the Association.