Cyber risks


Published: 14 January 2021

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Cyber security is also a risk to the maritime industry. There are several examples over the past few years where important IT-systems have been attacked and which has caused safety risks and costly consequences in our industry.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted Resolution MSC.428(98) aimed to address cyber risks in the maritime industry. The resolution addresses cyber risks as a part of safety management systems within the ISM Code. DOC (Document of Compliance) holders will have to assess the risk and implement the required risk mitigating measures to the SMS (Safety Management System) before the 2021 DOC audit. How extensive the measures to be included in the SMS will be are depend on the size of the company as well as the complexity of the operation and the vessels.

The one common denominator is that people are involved, and people are the main key to reduce the risk for any type of a cyber attack.

Skuld encourage its members to give the involved personnel sufficient training/familiarisation in the changes to their SMS and to create a sustainable culture around cyber security awareness.

Poster available

As a brief reminder Skuld has created a Cyber Security Awareness poster. To get a high-resolution pdf of the poster please contact Skuld's Global Head of Loss Prevention on email: