Passenger ship safety drills


Published: 12 January 2015

Following on from the incident of the MV Costa Concordia, new SOLAS amendments were adopted which have become effective as of 1 January 2015 with respect to safety drills on board passenger ships.

The development

In the past it was a requirement that a muster drill be conducted on board a passenger vessel within 24 hours of departure. Subsequent to the MV Costa Concordia accident, it was found that passenger ships picking up guests at multiple ports would not always hold a muster drill for new passengers before departing the present port of call. In the particular incident some passengers had not yet undertaken the drill when the accident occurred.

It was subsequently decided at the IMO level to tighten to the rules, so that a mandatory muster drill has to be undertaken before the vessel departs any port at which new passengers come on board.

SOLAS regulations

SOLAS regulation III/19 has been amended to mandate that a mustering drill must be held before departure of the vessel or immediately on departure.

Members are referred to MSC.350(92) republished alongside this advisory for further details.

Loss prevention advice

Members owning or operating passenger vessels are advised to closely follow the requirements of the new regulation.

Furthermore members will want to have reference to MSC.1/Circ.1446./Rev.2 which provides recommended measures for the enhancement of safety on passengers ships. This IMO document is published alongside this advisory.

Should members have a specific vessel related query, they are asked to contact their usual Skuld business unit.